How To Upgrade Your Mind

It’s just this simple: you become what you think.  The mind is a powerful force that most of us take for granted. Many believe that they can’t control what they think because thoughts and images perpetuate in and out of their minds all day long.

But the truth is, YOU are in control of what you think. The proof of this dominance shows when you become the person you think you are.


Mind Over Matter

The “secret” to exercising the powerful force of your mind is to take control of what’s in there. You have it in you to create the life you want. You only have to start by thinking the right thoughts that will put you into action.

Granted, this exercise requires constant practice, commitment, and focus – but if you get a handle on things, you can achieve whatever your mind can conceive. 

The Hold Up

If we all have the power to think what we want to be, then why are so many people struggling with happiness, success, and finding good relationships – things we all want to have?

The answer is simple. It’s because many let themselves down by doing nothing, by thinking nothing, and by going with the flow.

Humans are creatures of habit. We tend to follow images and thoughts fostered or embedded in our minds by memories with our families (especially our parents), friends, neighbors, colleagues, and even the society we grew up with.

For good or for bad, these visuals and memories play a huge influence in our lives. This includes our way of thinking.

But the thing is, you don’t have to do this. You have a mind of your own.  Your mind is more than capable of envisioning life the way YOU want it to be. You have the free will to say yes or no to the thousands of choices you have to make each day.

Don’t be afraid to go towards the opposite direction of what you’ve always known or seen. Opening yourself up to other possibilities and letting your mind override the usual images it plays help you to shape the person you want to be.


A Different Outlook

From the instant you wake up, your mind’s inner chatter begins anew. This goes on and on until you go to sleep. At times, it gets quieter when you’re absorbed with a task or entranced by a film or a TV show.

The rest of the time, your mind is always on the go. It touches inner commentary about what surrounds you. It replays past exchanges and chitchats. It rehearses sentences and lines of conversations yet to happen.

And still for the most part, we give little importance to our ability to think. We seldom give our thoughts a second thought. This is a great shame because stepping back and appreciating and using our minds can spell the difference between having a glass half-empty and one half-full.

The very nature of our thoughts, the ability to think and rethink a thought, provides a startling difference between living a happy existence and tolerating a miserable life.


Mind Upgrade

Your mind’s inner chatter is a constant entity that can bring you the best or the worst of ideas. It’s your job to sift through these dangerous possibilities. You can start with these easy steps:

  • Enforce Some “Me Time.”

Even with a busy schedule – or especially if you have a hectic one – you need to take time for yourself. It doesn’t have to be long – 15 to 30 minutes of alone time is good enough to clear your head and reenergize.

Meditate or take a walk. This is the best time for you to commune with your spiritual side so you can breathe easy and unscramble your thoughts. This means your “me time” must be without gadgets that defeat the purpose of your goal.

  • Keep A Journal.

Writing your thoughts is great mind exercise. It’s also a potent emotional stress reliever. If you’re into writing, this is a great outlet to enhance your talent. If you can’t get into it, find alternatives or ways to keep you interested in jotting down your thoughts. Instead of using a traditional diary, you can use an online journal.

It’s better if you can note all the relevant chatter and ideas in your head. Otherwise, do it freestyle. Write down what comes to mind, even without a structure.

  • Exercise Your Brain.

Most people think of this step as something mundane or demanding, when in fact, it’s the opposite. Exercising your brain isn’t exclusive to doing crossword puzzles or other word games. You can do so by using coloring books (there are coloring books for not just kids but adults now), memorizing the ingredients and steps of your favorite dish, learning how to write a poem, or doing a short movie or book review (even if others won’t read it).

  • Cut Down On Unnecessary Background Noise.

There’s nothing wrong if you love watching TV shows or movies. However, TV noise can lull your mind into oblivion, which isn’t conducive when you want to sort the thoughts in your mind.

If it’s your TV time, then focus on your show. Otherwise, turn it off and concentrate on the job at hand. You don’t need unnecessary background noise to sift your constant barrage of thoughts and ideas.


Finding Balance

Yes, the mind is powerful, but it doesn’t rule your decision-making process. Medical studies, particularly in neuroscience, show evidence that not all thoughts stem from the outer cortex of the brain.

This means even if the mind is a domineering force in making decisions, it’s not everything. This is where emotions and “gut feelings” come in. To make an informed, balanced decision over something – trivial or momentous – you need to consider both your mind and emotions (if they are healthy and not toxic or negative).

You’re smart. You can create the future you want. Exercise your brilliance by thinking the right thoughts. Keep an open mind and remove the restrains you have on your beliefs. Remember, you are what you think so you’d better mind what you’re thinking.