The Mindset Switch That Improves
 Your Results and Your Health

Can I ask you a question?

Do you want to be completely healthy or just partially healthy?

It is my conviction that health is not something that you should limit to just certain parts of yourself. You may be one of those who see something wrong with yourself and only want to improve what you see wrong.

The problem with this is that you will only deal with symptoms but not necessarily the reason why you have symptoms. Our society is a symptom driven. Even your medical doctors, the ones you depend on to help you when we get sick, can be symptom driven.

Our health care is symptom driven and not preventative. If you have a headache, take a pill. If you have knee pain, take a pill. If you have diabetes, take a pill.

Pills, Pills, Pills = Bills, Bills, Bills

And many of you complain that eating healthy is too expensive! You must begin to think differently about what healthy really means to you. What are your values of a health life?

I went to the doctor from having back pain due to my high impact exercising and was looking for some kind of natural strategy where I could help build myself back to health. Little did they know, I went to see a chiropractor two months previously and had taken an X-ray and MRI. They immediately tried to prescribe me pain pills to solve my problem.

They never asked to see the MRI or X-ray. They never asked how my diet was or how much water I drink. Many cases of back pain are due to dehydration. They just wanted to treat the symptom and not the real problem at its root.

Still, you can’t be too critical on doctors because maybe you tend to be the same way with treating symptoms. You may have gotten into bad relationships to solve the problem of loneliness, low self-esteem and/or rejection. (No judgment by the way. We have all fallen short of treating symptoms at some point in our life and I’m just making a point.)

Maybe you are the one who has gone on a strict diet because you feel overweight and are not able to accept yourself that way. If so, it makes the primary aim to lose the weight, but not necessarily to become an overall healthy individual.

Being healthy starts from within; at least, if you want long lasting results and not just quick fixes. The first thing that has to adjust is the mind or the way you think about health.

Your mindset will set the agenda for your future. It will help you to come to conclusions you may have never considered. It will help you to see that maybe you need counseling to get rid of the trauma from your past before you move forward with a weight-loss plan.

Many people have had trauma in their history. Molestation, verbal abuse, abandonment from parents, divorce, or maybe even sexual addictions are all sources of trauma that find its way into the processing of life. These things make us all think differently.

Your upbringings will even make you think a certain way about yourself, others, and life. You must come to the conclusion that, just like poverty is an issue of the mind that cannot be solved with making more money, neither can your personal qualms with parts of your life.

You must come to the place where your mind becomes healthy enough to dream about a “realistic” healthier you. Whatever you dream or imagine will find its way into your reality. If you get your mind healthy, you will get the entire you healthy.

Your renewed mind is the entry point into a life of success; when your soul prospers as a result of your renewed thinking, you will prosper in every aspect your life. So, find a way to let the journey begin in your mind.